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Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Esoteric Studies and the Seven Rays
Friday, March 13 6:30 p.m.
As the dawning of the New Age is upon us, the study of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings is, again, a topic of inter est. Eso-teric knowledge, a descriptive account of the evolut ion of con-sciousness in man and nature, gives us the answers t o many questions: how did the universe come to exist? And wh at is man's role within it? Come and listen to an introduct ion to the "hidden" wisdom that the Spiritual Hierarchy shares w ith us, and learn about a great event about to happen. A bri ght future is within our midst.

Library Donation.
Info: Adrian (760) 822-6294. www.iamhealingmiracles.com/
Clear as Fire!
Saturday March 14, 1:30-3:30
(book signing follows)
Writing...it’s what builds the life of Sam Hinkle. Ever since the age of seven, writing has always been a huge dream, and it has been accomplished several times over through The Fire Phoenix and the Clear as Mud series. Moti- vated by friends, Sam persists writing stories and is still able to balance both story-telling and schoolwork. Now, Sam invites you to attend an event of a presen tation and book-signing. Come and see how strong imagination wa s re- leased in the creation of these magical stories of battle, adven ture, integrity and friendship.

More info: midnightseasons@gmail.com
Natural Healing Workshop
Thursday, March 19 6:30-8:30 p.m.
In a world filled with prescription medicines and external solutions, how can I take control over the health of my body and mind? This workshop will teach you how. The answer is simpler that you think.
• Do you want to be more grounded?
• Do you want to learn how to generate more energy an d how to manage it more effectively?
• Do you want to learn more about the principles of D ahn Yoga, and how to apply them to improve your health?
• Do you want to strengthen the energy system of your body, and its power to heal?

If you can relate to any of these questions, you wi ll find this program very beneficial. Recommended for everyone.

Fee: $10. RSVP to (760) 735-3246; escondido@dahnyoga.com
Spiritual Intercession with Charles
Friday, March 20 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Do you want to connect to your higher self and live your life's purpose? Do you want to clear your emotional and spiritual blocks in all areas of your life? Charles Smith can help you to do this. Charles is a Sha- man, Spiritual Healer and Life Coach with more than 30 years’ experience. Join him this evening and he will share with you the importance of clear- ing these blocks and how to achieve it. You are invited to bring a personal, emotional, physical or spiritual issue that you wish to share. It can be a relationship co nflict, finan- cial limitation, or any other life block that you a re experiencing. And you will learn the root causes behind the sympto ms!

Fee: $10. Info: (619) 846-5084; awakenwithcharles@gmail.com

Charles was born with his gifts and, as a child, he was able to see the future with his psychic vision and do spiritual ene rgy healing on his family members. He has since mastered his gifts through 40 years of various metaphysical training.
Shifting Gaia and Humanity
Sunday, March 22 5:30 p.m.
We are ascending....with Ascension comes many fundamental changes to our Planet and to us...from limited conscious beings we are becoming fully con- scious ones. This presentation by Sheldon Nile, an emissary of the Galactic Federation, explains this phenomena that is occurring for the first time in t he story of humanity, allowing us to understand what is happening to us physically, mentally, spiritually a nd also to Mother Earth—weather extremes, earthquakes, etc. This under standing will stretch your imagination and make it easier for all of us to cope with the strange things happening to us.

Info: doucetizabelle88@gmail.com; (760) 658-5866
Psychic Fair - Last Saturday of the Month
12-5 p.m.
Save the date for our Psychic Fair and mark your calendars for the last Saturday of every month from 12-5 p.m. Readings are $1 per minute (20-minute minimum). You need not make an appointment, but you can call the library at 760-745-2724 if you want to ensure a specific time and reader (pre-payment when calling will be required). Enjoy browsing new items and sale items in the gift shop.
More info: Jan (760) 579-2466; janieb@cox.net.

Please see below for our current list of readers and click on the links for more information. As not all readers may be available at every fair, please call ahead if you are looking for a specific person. Guest readers may drop in and may not be listed below.

Debra Zachau

Izabelle Joie Doucet

Kristina Ming

Shannon Wingard

Victoria SkyDancer

Dawn Yepez

Douglas Barker

Lindsay Duff
Course in Miracles
6:30 p.m. (check the calendar for date)
A Course in Miracles continues to be one of the most influential and effective tools for true spiritual healing and self-discovery, assisting individuals to find their true purpose in life. Please join us for an introduction to the book and a group discussion on its lessons and its relevance as we enter the new age.

Adrian Magana (760) 822-6294
$4 recommended Philosophical Library donation.
Upcoming Classes and Events
Books Wanted
Do you have books laying around that you have never read? Why not donate them to The Philosophical Library to help support our mission? We can use all books and media. Old text books, cook books, tape sets, metaphysical books, religious books, philosophy books, self-help, fiction and non-fiction, etc. Drop them in our drop box or during your visit to help out The Philosophical Library and others that may need the information that they contain. We may be able to pick them up, please call the Library or send us an e-mail.
Jewelry Consignment
We are also looking for jewelry/artists that want to sell on consignment. Please contact Jan at classes@philosophicallibrary.org or call (760) 579-2466.
Volunteers Needed
We have an immediate need to fill the following volunteer positions:

Keep track of memberships: send out renewal notices, keep data base updated, create and implement new ideas for new members. 6-10 hours a month, - flexible and can work remotely most of the time.

Researcher - Website Links Page
Plans are underway to expand our website. One of the items is our Links page. We want to put in links to like minded/spiritual organizations in the San Diego area and eventually expand to the state, country and beyond. We need someone that can create this. You can do this remotely and send it in.

Desk Worker - Some Saturdays from noon to 4pm. Other shifts available.
We have an opening for a Desk Worker that can work at the front desk assisting customers, checking out books, etc. Perfect for someone retired that believes in our mission. Other tasks are available to keep you busy. Meet interesting people in a unique place.

We are in need of a Librarian to manage our 12,000 book and media collection. This is a volunteer position. Hours would be weekday mornings and early afternoons. A minimum of 20 hours a month requested. Must be detail orientated, computer literate, have good organizational skills and willing to learn our library system, Primasoft. Will also be responsible for managing librarian assistants. Must love books!

For all positions, e-mail usat info@philosophicallibrary.org.
Contact or Visit the Philosophical Library
1330 E Valley Pkwy #G
Escondido. CA 92027
(behind IHOP)

Store and lending library hours:
Tuesday through Thursday  3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Fridays 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Saturday  12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Closed Holidays

Phone: (760) 745-2724
Email: info@philosophicallibrary.org

Please note that the Library does not ascribe to any of the material presented in the activities hosted. It is our purpose to offer a forum for the presentation of a wide variety of philosophical, spiritual, psychological, religious, and secular beliefs without endorsing those beliefs.
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